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We know that you work hard to make your home sparkle, but sometimes life gets in the way and it needs a little extra attention. When this happens, we’re here to help! Our trained cleaners will come in and get your house looking spotless again. We want to be the cleaning service that you can trust so give us a call today for more information!

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One of the most important things to us at The #1 Google Cleaning Services Pros is that you are satisfied and happy with our service. You can trust in a job well done!

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    With a simple click, The #1 Google Cleaning Services Pros can have an expert cleaning your carpets on-demand. No one wants to worry about booking a cleaner for the spring or summer and then having to wait for days until they’re available. Our online booking system lets you book today and get scheduled in quickly! Best of all, we’ll use only eco-friendly cleaning products so you know it’s safe for any guests that come over with sensitive skin issues or allergies.

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    Carpet Cleaning
    Average rating:  
     30 reviews
     by Halle

    As a homeowner, I was blown away by the quick and thorough air duct cleaning job.

     by Martha

    I am so happy that you are such an expert at cleaning dryer vents. Thank-you for being a professional and doing this in my home!

     by Kai

    The dryer vent cleaning is now a thing of the past, and I can finally keep my house clean.

     by Dani

    I am very happy with the dryer vent cleaning service you provided. The duct looks great and I feel much better knowing that my home is being properly protected from fire hazards!

     by Rivka

    I was so happy with the dryer vent cleaning job. The worker took such good care of my home and I know it’s a cleaner house now because he cleaned up everything behind him!

     by Lea

    I am so pleased with the carpet cleaning service from google rug cleaners! They did a thorough job and treated my home like it was their own.

    Google Rug Cleaners made sure to take care of every detail when they came to clean our carpets, leaving us totally satisfied customers in no time at all!! 🙂

     by Victoria

    I am so glad I found a dependable upholstery cleaner! They did an amazing job on my old couch and loveseat. The service was fast, efficient, well-priced, and reliable; the guys were courteous enough to answer any questions I had about their services before they left. 10/10 would recommend this company for all your upholstery cleaning needs!

     by Eden

    The upholstery cleaning service did a great job, and I will use them again!

     by Elijah

    The upholstery cleaning service did a great job, and I will use them again!

     by Paula

    It was a really pleasant experience working with Carpet Cleaning Company. I booked online and found that the company provides all of their services without any hassle or pressure to buy more than what you might need, which is great! The cleaners were very courteous when they arrived at my home and completed the job in less time than expected - it's like magic carpet cleaning service for me now 🙂

     by Barbara

    I was so happy with the air duct cleaning job they did yesterday, it really made my day!

     by Milena

    I was so happy with the work these guys did on my air ducts, they were a friendly crew and had this place looking cleaner than ever. I would recommend them to anyone!

     by Giuliana

    I'm so happy with the job you did!!

     by Lea

    "The guy cleaned my air duct and dryer vent, he did a great job!"

     by Denisse

    This Guy is great, he cleaned my air duct and dryer vent without a hitch..

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